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Following the hectic road of our beloved Christian, we wanted to tell you more about Wanted Community: our hassles, our pains and our joys.

Oh yes if you’re not interested in the book, it still can wedge in place your shaky wardrobe.

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About the book

We’re going to be honest with you. Les Arènes Editions came knocking on our door one morning. They wanted to tell Christian’s story. The perfect script: a tax lawyer working for one of the world’s largest law firms, who doesn’t find meaning in his life chucks it all in and becomes a better man with Wanted Community. Hollywood, here we come! So we seized up the opportunity to tell you this adventure’s behind the scenes.

Sabrina motivates hundreds of members to distribute 10,000 meals a year to the homeless in Paris. Joaquim, a homeless man from Bordeaux get hired on a permanent contract in less than a week with the help of the community. They each in turn bear witness to the incredible mutual aid movement that comes to life every day on Wanted Community.

You will also read about we opened our first (and not last) solidarity Café in Bordeaux or how Facebook chose among the 5 most influential communities in the world. In short, we humbly wanted to share with you our adventures throughout this extraordinary project that we’ll continue to build with you as long as possible.

“If I had been told that our members would be mobilizing to find housing and jobs for the homeless, I would never have believed it…”

A quick overview…


I presented it to you in the first chapter of this book. Sabrina changed my life. That’s how.

When she decided to launch a marauding in January 2018, Sabrina had only one ambition: to reach out to the poorest. For the rest, it’s total improvisation. A little message on Wanted: “Hi my name is Sabrina. I’m going to hand out meals to the homeless people who are sleeping near Austerlitz station on Friday night. Does anyone want to come with me? His approach is widely commented on by the Wantedians. On the first evening, she was joined by five people, including her husband.

This new solidarity approach on Wanted awakens in us a tremendous enthusiasm. But first, you have to keep a cool head, stay professional, respect the procedure. Sabrina makes appeals for donations to make her packed lunches. We ask our moderators to check that this is not a scam. The second step is to remove the few unpleasant comments and contribute to the proliferation of messages of support. In short, as usual, we secure and encourage. Our team of volunteer modos does a great job.

Sabrina and I are starting to talk about Messenger. My first question is about his motivation. “I want to do this every week!” she tells me. I propose to him my help in writing the ads in a way that generates even more community support. “You would have to post pictures of yourself, your preparation and bags of food. It’s always better to put pictures.” The following week, the group grew with the arrival of new marauders. And in barely a month Sabrina manages to unite a hard core of fifteen people. Solidarity is organized. Only I discover that the food distributed is bought by the marauders themselves. These people spend not only their Friday nights on the distribution of meals, but also their money. Most people who join the project offer their presence, their arms and their wallets. But we have to help them, or it won’t last.

– Hello Sabrina. You know the community is big, you can get a lot of things. We should send us a list of everything you need. We probably won’t be able to do everything. But we’re going to help you anyway. 😉

In March, our cooperation paid off. The marauders have gained an excellent reputation on Wanted, Sabrina is crumbling under the gifts. Each of his publications generates ever-increasing waves of commentary. She also receives a lot of private messages and I check her news regularly to prevent her from feeling overwhelmed.

At the beginning of April, we have been trading for more than three months now. It’s time for a smile in real life. I ask Sabrina if she could possibly welcome me to participate in a marauding. “Of course! She tells me. I’d love to. Do you want to advertise it on Wanted? I guess a lot of members are going to want to meet you.

– The goal is for marauding to be constructive for the homeless, not for people to come and meet me. I’m the one who’s here to thank you for what you’re doing. 😉

Friday, April 6, 2018. I meet Sabrina at her house in the 13thTh Arrondissement. I’m welcomed by her thirteen-year-old daughter. About 15 volunteers prepare sandwiches in the living room. All eyes turn to me, people smile but no one lets go of his work tool, his fork, his knife or his piece of bread. I’m introducing myself, I want to be discreet. But it is already time. We go down to prepare the bags on a large table installed in the courtyard of the building. Each bag must have a packet of crisps, orange juice, clementines, a tray of taboo and a packet of cookies. There are also thermos, tea or coffee. Hygiene products, toothbrushes, toothpastes, deodorants. I approach a small group of people who seem to have known each other forever. Nassira, Ahmed, Bernard, Aïssatou… People from all walks of life, from all social classes. In the center of the raout, dancing, radiant, little piece of woman of one meter fifty-five, Sabrina directs the operations like a conductor. “Half the bags in Bernard’s trunk. The other half in my car. I’ll take the clothes, too. Nassira, you take the thermos. Be careful not to knock them down. »

I’m in a car with Bernard. Fifteen-minute journey one-on-one. We don’t know each other, but the current is passing. This is the advantage of sharing common values before they even meet. I’m initiating the conversation.

– So you often make marauders?

– Yes I try to be there every Friday. How about you?

– This is the first time.

– The first time it’s difficult. But don’t worry, the new ones never leave them alone. What we have to understand is that we are not here just to give a bag of food. I’ll stay with you to make it easier to get in touch.

I’m nervous. That way without warning. I’m nervous.




Objective: 10,000 meals! We’ll explain. The proceeds will be used to fund the mutual aid initiatives led by our members. This includes the meal distributions to the homeless that Sabrina and hundreds of other Wanted Community members have been making every week since 2017. So, are you in?

About Christian

My name is Christian Delachet. A lawyer by training, I worked as a tax lawyer in one of the world’s largest law firms, Ernst & Young Paris, for 6 years. I was advising fiscally and socially rich taxpayers as part of their professional expatriation.

Then I co-created with my friends, Luc Jaubert and Jérémie Ballarin, Wanted Community. A community of mutual aid and social cooperation on Facebook that has grown from a few dozen members to nearly 1 million today. I didn’t know this project would change my life on both a professional and personal level. Proof is my new hair style, clearely dissonant with the book cover the publishing house wished for 😉

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